Willacy County works to prevent floooding

Officials in Willacy County say they are prepared, always bracing for the worst, but hoping for the best.

Inside the Willacy County Emergency Operations Center, Emergency Manager Frank Torres is tracking the radar.

"We're meeting with both the city and county level hourly," Torres told Action 4 News.

In Raymondville, public works crews are busy tending to the streets, trying to clear out the storm drains in anticipation of more rain to come.

"We're trying to remove the debris from the storm drain so the water can run you know," said worker Beto Garza.

While crews are clearing the way for the water to flow smoothly, they also want to make sure the pipes in the storm drains are not clogged up.

Worker Xavier Garcia also spoke to Action 4 News.

"Basically I'm just getting out all of the debris that can block the actual pipe that allows water to flow," Gracia said.

With a truck full of debris, crews are on off to their next stop.

Emergency Manager Frank Torres says Willacy County is prepared for another storm as all emergency personnel are on stand-by.

However, Torres worries about heavy rainfall.

"We're obviously all very concerned about the flooding, if we get six, ten inches of rain were definitely going to have some flooding," Torres said.

As of right now, Torres says the ground in Willacy County is saturated and the drainage system full.

Another concern officials have on their minds are mosquitos.

Willacy County started spraying back on July second and will continue to do so weather permitting.

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