Winter Texans travel into Mexico despite travel warning

Despite a Texas Department of Public Safety travel alert warning Americans to stay out of Mexico, many Winter Texas are still going into destinations such as Nuevo Progreso.

At the Progreso International Bridge, Winter Texans crossed with smiling faces and said they've heard the warnings but fear won't stop them from spending the day across the border.

"If you live in fear, you'll never do anything," said Joseph Cornwall.

"Things can happen to us anywhere," said Dale Langerhorst.

This is the mentality at the Progreso bridge crossing as Winter Texans head South of the border into Nuevo Progreso.

"It's just a matter of if you're going to let them scare everybody away. you kind of gotta do what you feel," said Langerhorst.

These Winter Texans said Nuevo Progreso still has a reputation for being one of the safest border towns near the Valley.

Many of them have been faithfully going to this part of mexico for years now to get dental work done, buy some medicine, have some lunch or just stroll around town.

Arold Kurth said he does take current affairs into consideration when deciding when and where to cross over.

"We use to go to Matamoros once in a while, but we don't go there ever anymore because there's too much chance of getting shot," said Kurth.

Langerhorst recommends staying near the border crossing in Nuevo Progreso.

"You know, if they feel comfortable with it when they go across, they can always turn around and come back if they think something's not right," he said.

Despite all the constant media attention about the violence in mexico, Winter Texans continue to flock to Nuevo Progreso and Kurth said it'll continue to be that way unless there's a shootout.

"As soon as it starts happening, the winter texans will stay away from here in mass," said Kurth.

Cornwall said he's already noticed a decrease in fellow travelers walking the streets of Nuevo Progreso..

"I think a lot of people are afraid to go which is really sad because i felt really safe," said Cornwall.

The Winter Texans we spoke to said they haven't personally witnessed any signs of the violence.

If that day does come, then they'll rethink their plans, but for now, Mexico remains on their list of places to go.

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