Woman unintentionally exposes fianc to cops

Text message from fiancee

A bizarre twist is linked to a reported missing man out of San Juan.

The woman who reported the alleged kidnapping is now being questioned for making false accusations after he was found unharmed.

Joe Arranda reported her fiancee Victor Anaya missing a little before 5 a.m.

Police brought her in for questioning and she told police the last time she contacted her fiancee was Friday around 4 and had not heard from him since then.

During their conversation, he admitted to her that he was waiting for people he would be smuggling.

Sergeant Rolando Garcia said that throughout the questioning, Aranda was changing her story and in the middle of it the man was no longer missing.

He was never kidnapped as his fiancee thought.

While we were interviewing her... she receives a call from her fiance. He tells her he ran from the law enforcement somewhere in the Victoria area and that he was on the run, Sergeant Garcia said.

The 21-year-old boyfriend told Aranda he was near the San Juan shrine.

Police went straight to the shrine where they found him unharmed.

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