Workers laid off following prison riot in Willacy County

Workforce Solutions stepped in to help

A riot at a private prison has left the place practically empty.

Inmates rioted for days in protest of alleged poor medical attention at the Willacy County Corrections Center.

All 2,834 federal inmates have been transferred to other facilities across the country, according to Management and Training Corporation, the company that runs the federal prison.

Massive layoffs at the center are near as MTC officials confirmed 98 have been let go, and 243 more will be laid off next week.

Only 50 employees will keep their jobs at MTC. Their roles within the prison are unclear.

Workforce Solutions stepped in to help.

When company layoffs is greater than 50 employees, they must request assistance from Workforce Solutions, due to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

The WARN Act is intended to offer protection to workers, their families and communities, according to Chief Executive Officer Francisco Almaraz with Workforce Solutions.

The number of visitors and calls to Workforce Solutions in Raymondville has risen with 11 employees visiting the center located near the prison.

Almaraz said massive layoffs don't happen often, but they are pulling out all the resources to help the soon to be unemployed men and women.

The Corrections Corporation of America, which runs the state jail " also located in Raymondville and just feet from Willacy County Corrections Center " is hiring, according to a sign posted outside the jail.

The Nevada Department of Corrections has reached out looking to hire those willing to relocate, the Almaraz said.

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