Your Voice, Your Future Town Hall discussion - "THE EVOLUTION IN EDUCATION"

Your Voice, Your Future Town Hall discussion - "THE EVOLUTION IN EDUCATION"

Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Time: 6:00-7:00 pm (CT)

Evolution in Education – A CBS 4 Cares Town Hall

The United States ranking in education is more than a point of's a statistical indicator of our nation's future performance. Although we spend more local, state and federal money per student than any other country, in 2017, our results are in the middle of the pack. Recent initiatives in science, technology, engineering and math have made positive improvements, but is every student truly a candidate for college? And how has the fear of crippling student debt affected college admission rates? While our higher education institutions remain world-class, the knowledge gap between exiting high school and entering college is growing. Students directed to career training and vocational programs are likely to find early success, but will they be properly equipped to handle changes in the economy and industrial advances?

These are some of the questions and issues to be addressed by our panel of experts from across the Rio Grande Valley, in our upcoming town hall meeting...Evolution in Education, Your Voice, Your Future.

Host station:

KGBT TV in Harlingen, TX. (Rio Grande Valley)


Tom Torkelson, Founder of IDEA Academy

Dr. Daniel King, PSJA ISD

George McShan, Harlingen CISD School Board President

Matt Hebbard, VP at STC (South Texas College)


Dan Joseph

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