Zetas cartel racehorse case set for October trial

Jose Trevino Morales, image from AP

Eight people accused of buying and training racehorses to launder drug profits for the powerful Zetas cartel are scheduled to go on trial Oct. 22 in Texas.

Austin-based federal Judge Sam Sparks set the date Wednesday and said he expects the case to take two weeks.

Prosecutors said the evidence includes 30,000 pages of records on horses, as well as banking and auction documents and recordings of 2,000 phone calls.

Among those accused is Jose Trevino Morales, the brother of two alleged Zetas cartel leaders. Attorney David Finn argued Wednesday that Trevino should be released on bond, saying he wouldn't dare flee to Mexico given the publicity of the charges against him.

But Sparks upheld a previous magistrate's ruling and ordered Trevino to remain in federal custody.

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