Zetas plaza boss identified among dead from Nuevo Laredo battle

Aftermath of Thursday afternoon's gun battle in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas / SEDENA Photo

A Zetas plaza boss has been identified as among 13 gunmen killed in a recent gun battle in Nuevo Laredo.

The battle happened early Thursday afternoon creating chaos in the streets as criminals set up blockades.

Mexico's Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) confirmed that 13 gunmen were killed and three soldier wounded.

SEDENA officials confirmed on Sunday afternoon that one of the gunmen killed as Gerardo Guerra-Valdez.

Guerra-Valdez, who went by the nickname "El Guerra," was identified as the plaza boss for the Zetas drug cartel in Nuevo Laredo.

SEDENA officials reported that Guerra-Valdez started with the cartel during a June 2009 jail break that three inmates and one visitor dead.

Guerra-Valdez rose through the ranks and was put in charge of Zetas operations in Nuevo Laredo following the August 2011 death of plaza boss Jorge Luis De la Pea-Brisueleas, known as "Pompin."

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