McAllen residents raise concerns about proposed drainage utility fee

McAllen residents raised their concerns about a proposed drainage utility fee at a public discussion Monday.

The city of McAllen is looking to establish drainage as a utility and implement a fee to accompany it.

McAllen Director of Engineering Yvette Barrera says they have looked at various sources to fund the improvements and the drainage utility fee is just one of the many options being considered.

The fee would allow the city to construct the engineering department’s 66 drainage projects worth more than $46 million.

"We're expecting to raise approximately $11 million using this fee," Barrera said.

The average residential fee according to Barrera would be a $1.50 a month, but the fee varies on the amount of impervious cover per lot.

Commercial properties would have to pay a minimum of $1 a month and a maximum of $75.

"Government has a tendency to spend the public dollar even if it no longer has a need for which that money was originally collected," Resident Dave Asher said.

When asked about raising property taxes, Barrera said it was never recommended, but they would look for more ways to fund.

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