Plans for new sports complex in McAllen underway

Plans for a new sports complex in McAllen are underway.

Plans for a new sports complex in McAllen are underway.

McAllen city commissioners approved the last phase of construction documents for the design of the municipal softball fields this week.

"We are going to expand that from four fields to six fields,” said Robert Canterbury of McAllen’s Parks and Recreation. “We'll be demolishing the existing restrooms and concession building, building new facilities, relocating the playground structure providing perimeter fence, new lighting emergency call boxes."

Currently, the municipal park is utilized for little league tournaments and other events during the season.

The project is estimated at $4 million, but as the municipal softball fields start to become a reality, a new baseball sports complex is almost nearing its completion.

The $11 million project is 50 acres and includes 11 new little league fields. It's expected to be completed this summer.

"The goal is to have those fields at the baseball complex by July and then take the demand from the municipal complex, move that to the baseball complex and then begin construction at the municipal," Canterbury said.

Both complexes are funded through a $15 million bond that was approved several years ago by the city commission.

The new complex is also testing certain provisions to accommodate children with disabilities.

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