Police arrest two women after downtown McAllen bar fight

Consuelo Eloisa Sepulveda, 23, of McAllen (left) and Zulema Anaissa Sepulveda, 20, of Mission (right) were charged with assault, a Class A misdemeanor. (Photos courtesy of the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office)

Police arrested two women Saturday after they attacked another woman at a downtown McAllen bar — and apparently ripped out her hair extensions, according to the criminal complaint.

At 1:15 a.m. Saturday, a woman flagged down a police officer on South 17th Street.

The woman said she went to DB Lounge, attempting to avoid trouble with an old friend at another bar who thought "she was trying to talk to her boyfriend," according to the criminal complaint.

After a few minutes at DB Lounge, two of her friend's friends — Consuelo Eloisa Sepulveda, 23, of McAllen and her cousin, Zulema Anaissa Sepulveda, 20, of Mission — arrived.

The woman said Consuelo pushed her, causing her to fall on a table, according to the criminal complaint. Moments later, Zulema pushed the woman against a wall and punched her in the back of the head. That caused a glass to shatter, cutting the woman’s hand. (Zulema denied banging the woman's head against the wall, but admitted to kicking her.)

A security guard separated them. The woman went outside and flagged down a police officer.

The officer found Consuelo and Zulema crossing 17th Street near DB Lounge.

"When I approached the two females, I noticed that Zulema was holding blonde hair extensions," according to the criminal complaint. Zulema said she pulled the hair extensions from the woman's head during the fight.

The officer arrested Zulema and Consuelo on suspicion of assault causing bodily injury, a Class A misdemeanor.

Zulema started yelling, telling the woman "as soon as she got out of jail she would find her again and beat her up," according to the criminal complaint.

Both Consuelo and Zulema were booked at the Hidalgo County jail Saturday.

Consuelo remains in custody and couldn't be reached for comment.

Zulema, who was released on Saturday, said the fight erupted after a lengthy back-and-forth that involved harassing phone calls from the county jail and trash talk on Facebook.

"We were in the club, right, and we were bumping, like, each other," Zulema said. "That's when we got mad and started the fight."

When she arrived at the police department, Zulema said officers told her "that I won the fight since I'm big n she's skinny."

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with additional comments from Zulema Sepulveda.

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