Border patrol on high alert after recent migrant caravan arrives

The most recent caravan has made its way to the Texas border. While they're seeking asylum from Central America, they're actually getting help from one group here in San Antonio. (SBG San Antonio)

A migrant caravan composed of an estimated 2,000 people made its way to the Texas-Mexico border on Monday, across from Eagle Pass in Maverick County.

The group of buses arrived in Piedras Negras on Monday from Saltillo, Mexico. Many of the people in the group are seeking asylum from the United States and they will be getting help from at least one group from San Antonio.

Catholic Charities was expected to arrive in Maverick County on Tuesday with goods, clothes and medical help. The charity also made plans to open emergency shelters or provide hotel rooms for migrants who make it to the San Antonio area.

The exact number of migrants was not available, but experts estimated there were between 1,500 and 2,000 in the group. They arrived in 55 buses, provided by the governor of Coahuila.

Border Patrol agents were on high alert due to the caravan. Bridges were closed, helicopters circled the area and federal agents participated in crowd control exercises over the weekend.

The border has been reinforced, and there have been a number of exercises over the weekend. Bridges were closed and helicopters are up.

The question now with the timing of all this, and President Trump's State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, is how another possible government shutdown could impact the border.

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