'Dog Tacos' email hoax circulates in Valley

"Ruben Moreno"

A email hoax saying that a Matamoros man was arrested for killing dogs and selling the meat to a popular taqueria chain is circulating on both sides of the border.

Action 4 News received a copy of the fraudulent email on Wednesday afternoon.

The email includes graphic pictures and is purported to be an article written by a reporter named Yolanda Ordaz from the El Bravo de Matamoros newspaper.

The article states that local police arrested a man named Ruben Moreno for killing dogs and selling the meat to the popular restaurant Tacos El Campeon.

Action 4 News spoke to editors at the El Bravo and they said the email is a hoax.

The editors added that nobody by the name of Yolanda Ordaz works there.

Further investigation revealed that the email hoax is circulating across Mexico but varies for each city.

The reporter TMs name Yolanda Ordaz is always the same but newspaper or media outlet TMs name is changed.

The suspect TMs name is always Ruben Moreno or Ruben Cuellar while the name of the restaurant changes to one popular in that city.

The El Maana de Nuevo Laredo reported the email hoax is circulating there using their newspaper TMs name.

El Maana reported that the hoax has been documented in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Ciudad Juarez and other parts of Mexico dating as far back as April 2008.

Concerned viewers from Brownsville contacted Action 4 News about the email.

Tacos El Campeon owner Jose Pablo Guerra sent Action 4 News a statement via email.

He said the same email hoax was repeated last year in Tijuana using the same photos and basic information.

Guerra released the the following statement:

I personally analyzed the email and anyone who has seen it, can notice that obviously the pictures were not taken where they say they were. You can tell the pictures don't coincide with one another. We pride ourselves in the quality and health standards we have set within our establishments. We have served our community for over 20 years, and recently opened our doors to business in Brownsville, where he had no trouble meeting the standards set by the city health department. Our product is of great acceptance and would be disappointed if that would change thanks to a "bad joke". If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.

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