Four suspects identified in David Hartley case

The Zapata County Sheriff TMs Office identified four suspects in the September shooting of David and Tiffany Hartley in Falcon Lake. Zapata County Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez spoke exclusively to Action 4 News and said the information had been corroborated by sources close to the attack. "Their intent was to kill her, he said, referring to Tiffany Hartley. She was able to get away from them. Sheriff Gonzalez said that in the five months since the attack, interest in the case has died down, even from law enforcement. Shortly after the attack, the lead investigator in Mexico was decapitated. And since then, Mexico's involvement in the case has been nearly non-existent. "Other than what were doing locally, we don TMt know of any other agency, state or federal agency, doing anything else, he added. It's just my office that's been doing anything about it. Gonzalez said the four men identified are Zetas members, but he refused to release any more details at this time. The four of them, he added, were part of a larger group of seven men that attacked David and Tiffany Hartley as they approached the abandoned town of Guerrero Viejo, in the Mexican side of the bank. "They were watching her with a rifle to her body and they lowered it and pick it up and lowered, he said. They were waiting for word whether to shoot her or not shoot her. Tiffany was able to get away and make it to safety, but David Hartley TMs body has never been found. Meanwhile, Gonzalez said the suspects are known to be living in Mexico, but since the attack, they have crossed into the U.S. several times. He said his office will continue gathering enough information to arrest those responsible. "What we will probably do is pass it on to the FBI and the FBI I think is gonna pass it to the State Department," he said. In the meantime, the Sheriff's Office is warning other boaters about the dangers lurking on the other side of the lake. Zapata County will be posting signs nearly three times the size of their current one asking them to avoid crossing over. They have also set up metal posts in the middle of the lake to mark the border between the two countries.

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