Gators at busy Matamoros shopping center

Curious onlookers (Hora Cero Photo)

Authorities are on the lookout for alligators or crocodiles that have been spotted along the Rio Grande River and at a lake next to a busy shopping center in Matamoros.

The Hora Cero newspaper reported the large reptiles are the talk of the Mexican border city.

Authorities received several telephone calls from curious onlookers over the weekend.

Hora Cero reported that he animals have eluded capture prompting city officials to urge caution.

It TMs not clear if the large reptiles are actually alligators or crocodiles but the animals have been spotted along the Rio Grande River and drainage lakes.

Officials confirmed that the sightings of three of the animals.

The Metro Noticias de Tamaulipas newspaper reported that an an alligator or crocodile of more than three feet in length has also been spotted in a lake next to a Soriana supermarket at the busy Laguneta Shopping Center.

Crocodiles, which are not native to the region, have been spotted and captured upstream in Reynosa.

Click here to read the full story in Spanish from Hora Cero

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