Mark Kilroy Remembered

Jim and Helen Kilroy are visiting the Valley nearly 20 years after their son's murder to show their gratitude.

"Thank you and how much we appreciated all their help when we were searching for Mark, said his mother Helen Kilroy.

The couple's life changed forever in April 1989 when their son , 21-year-old Mark, disappeared during spring break.

The four-week search ended at ranch outside Matamoros where Mark's human remains along with 14 other bodies were found.

Authorities broke-up a drug cult that believed human sacrifice would keep the police away and bring them great wealth.

The heinous crime is still fresh on the Kilroys TM mind.

But they say if it wasn't for the support from the Rio Grande Valley and Matamoros, they might have never found their son.

"I think they solved like 27 crimes or something like that with people calling in to report different things that might be related to Mark's disappearing, Jim Kilroy said.

The ranch where Mark's remains were found was later dubbed the "Devil TMs Ranch."

Six people were arrested for the mass murders and two others have never been found.

"Rethinking some of the different things that has been a little bit hard, said Mrs. Kilroy.

But they say they've been at peace with their sons death for a long time now and it's all because of the support they received.

"Their prayers I think is the reason we were able to accept what happened so well, said Mr. Kilroy.

The Kilroys said they have set up a foundation in their late son's memory:

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