More UTB-TSC Closures 'Possible' with Matamoros Violence

Students at the University of Texas at Brownsville resumed classes Monday following a weekend-long campus closure that was directly due to the violence across the border.

Vanessa Garza, who's majoring in business administration, recalled what she heard last Friday afternoon while on campus.

"I heard the gunshots," she said. "We can see on the horizon... especially along the golf course... you could see the just sounded really, really close."

Video sent from an Action 4 News "U-Reporter" from the Fort Brown Golf Course on UTB's property highlighted just how close the danger really was with gunshots and explosions heard on tape.

The deadly shootout in Matamoros ultimately led to the capture of a high-level Mexican cartel leader.

The university's Chief of Police, John Cardoza, pointed out on a map where people at a soccer tournament on Friday were evacuated as a result of the gunfire.

"Initially a call came in from Border Patrol... that there was an active battle south of the border," he said.

Chief Cardoza said he met next with top university school administrators to give his plan of action to protect all students.

"After getting information from our neighboring agencies, the feds, the local agencies, and of course our school district here... we made the recommendation to shut down classes and avoid any potential issues," he said.

That recommendation was music to Garza's ears.

"I think it was absolutely necessary," the junior said. "It made me feel more comfortable actually... that they actually care and that they're willing to take those precautions."

They're precautions the chief said he'd do again.

"I wouldn't hesitate."

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