Newly-elected president of Mexico to visit city of Reynosa on Friday afternoon

President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Source: File Photo)

The newly elected Mexican president is expected to visit the city of Reynosa on Friday afternoon, where he plans on meeting with business leaders to rollout plans that will bring more investment and better wages to the border.

But some families who suffered from violence in the area want a chance to meet with him as well.

Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador's plan to expand the Mexican economy has included many fiscal reforms, specifically for cities along the border, from Matamoros to Tijuana, have been put in place since January 1.

From lowering the sales tax, doubling the minimum wage and lowering gas prices, President López Obrador wants people living in border cities to have more money in their pockets and therefore giving more businesses a reason to set-up shop on the border.

But the visit could have a drastic turn, since the association known as Justicia Tamaulipas or Justice for Tamaulipas, would like to meet with the president. They represent families who have been affected by violence in Tamaulipas and are asking for families to join in.

“If you have had any issues with the executive commission for crime victims [in Tamaulipas] with things that relate to how they have handled the body of a relative affected by violence, to which you have the right to its proper handling and that they have the obligation to so, we will make it known to the president,” said Geovani Barrios Moreno from Justicia Tamaulipas.

President López Obrador is expected to arrive in Reynosa on Friday at 3 p.m. Stay with CBS 4 and on our sister station, Azteca 4.2, for the latest on the presidential visit to the border.

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