Reynosa officials demolish shrine to 'Santa Muerte'

Hora Cero Photo

Reynosa officials demolished a shrine to the Mexican occult figure the Santa Muerte or Holy Death that had been built in the median of a busy highway.

The Hora Cero newspaper reported that the demolition took place on a state highway between Reynosa and Rio Bravo on Thursday.

The newspaper reported that the shrine had been built on the median of a busy stretch of highway in the Villas de Imaq subdivision.

The shrine was reportedly built less than a week ago.

Reynosa Public Works Director Guillermo Acebo Salman told Hora Cero that the shrine looked bad and obstructed planned projects in the area.

Santa Muerte is a Mexican occult figure whose name means Holy Death and resembles the Grim Reaper.

Shrines to Santa Muerte have been found in drug stash houses on both sides of the border.

Action 4 News reporter Victor Castillo investigated the worship of Santa Muerte in a special report last year.

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