Tamaulipas gets state highway police force

(Photo courtesy of the Tamaulipas state government)

Highways in Tamaulipas will now be monitored by the state's new police unit, the Policía Estatal de Auxilio Carretero (Highway Assistance State Police).

The new police force, which includes 140 officers and 70 units in its first stage, started monitoring Tamaulipas roads on Monday to ensure users safety, according to a news release from Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca.

At a press conference Monday, Garcia Cabeza de Vaca said his administration will not tolerate any abuse or acts of corruption.

García Cabeza de Vaca stated in the news release:

"To the officers of this new Highway Assistance State Police I ask: conduct yourselves with honesty, rectitude and professionalism. We will not tolerate any abuse or act of corruption, let me be very clear: we’re here to serve our people. I know that with their actions (the policemen) will gain the confidence of the people.”

The Tamaulipas government spent nearly $4 million on vehicles, equipment and uniforms for the new task force, according to the news release.

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