After 75 years, Pearl Harbor soldier's remains returning to Utah

Elliott Dean Larsen (Photo: Courtesy King family)

(KUTV) After 75 years missing in action, a Utah sailor has finally been identified and his remains are arriving in Salt Lake City next week.

Navy Musician 1st Class Elliott Dean Larsen was on the USS Oklahoma when it was bombed during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941. It's believed he drowned, but his body was never identified.

That is, until his family who live in Monroe got a recent call from the U.S. Navy.

"Ms. King we want you to know that your Uncle Elliott Dean Larsen has been matched to your DNA," Lisa King. said about the phone call. "I cried. I was so, wow! It was a wow moment."

She said the family got a call in 2011 requesting DNA samples from the family as they were planning to conduct tests on crew members who had not been identified from Pearl Harbor.

"I think it's totally amazing. It's something we never dreamed would happen," King said.

King never met her uncle but she says through all of this she's come to know him like never before.

"He's kind of become my best friend. I've learned so much about him. He was an amazing man it sounds like, very Intelligent, very talented."

Larsen was just 25 years old when he lost his life. He was not married but left behind a fiancé. A casket with his remains are expected to arrive at the Salt Lake City Airport on Thursday and then a graveside service will be held on Friday in Monroe, where his family lives.

"Instead of just a headstone we now have him here," said King.

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