Massive multi-state hunt underway for grandma who allegedly brutally murdered two

(NBCNC via NBC News Channel)

A massive multi-state hunt underway for a sweet-looking grandmother who, authorities say, brutally murdered two people and could kill again.

This morning, new surveillance video shows Lois Riess, a 56-year-old grandmother being sought in connection with two murders.

"She smiles and looks like anyone's mother or grandmother, and yet she is calculated, she's targeted, and she's an absolute cold blooded killer," said Carmine Marceno with the Lee County Sheriff's Office said.

Riess allegedly gunned down her husband, David, in Minnesota last month then went on the run across the country to Fort Myers, Florida where she found 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson.

The two, seen together at this Fort Myers Beach restaurant, became friends. But authorities say Riess had an ulterior motive, planning all along to become Hutchinson, targeting and allegedly murdering her because the two women looked alike.

"This is the first time in my career that I've seen someone steal someone's identity and target them for the way they look, in order to murder them," Marceno said.

Investigators say surveillance video shows Riess at Hutchinson's condo. They say after killing her, Riess took Hutchinson's credit cards and license and stole her white Acura.

Riess drove west. The Acura was seen in Louisiana and Texas, according to police, and then the trail goes cold. Riess is considered armed and dangerous.

Authorities fear the killing spree may not be over.

"Suspect Reiss at some point in time will have no resources and she will become more desperate and may kill again," Marceno said.

Authorities say Riess has a gambling problem in Florida she is facing a murder charge as well as grand theft auto, and identity theft.

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