Round 2: Hidalgo Commissioners continue feud over bus permit

Hidalgo city commissioner Rudy Franz hopes his latest lawsuit will stop a bus company from servicing the Hidalgo-Reynosa Bridge.

He previously filed a temporary injunction to stop a vote to grant a bus permit and the case was thrown out of court.

Attorney Jerad Najvar represents the other side.

He said the lawsuit is meant to win a battle Franz lost as a city commissioner.

This is a problem in politics in the valley more broadly not just hidalgo, Najvar said.

Commissioner Guillermo Ramirez said providing more permits would give bus riders more options.

Something Franz owns the only bus company operating in Hidalgo and also owns half of the taxi-cab permits in the city.

Now this new lawsuit means that we are not able to enforce a permit that has already been already approved, Ramirez said.

The Lawsuit targets two Hidalgo city council members, the owner of the bus company and the City of Hidalgo.

He is suing his own city that he is suppose to represents in his business interests, Najvar said.

We spoke with Franz by phone, he said Ramirez and Commissioner Gustavo Sanchez voted for the permit as political retaliation against him.

He claims by providing more permits in the city, the commissioners aim to flood the market which would hurt his business.

Judge Jessie Contreras will hear the case, if the injunction is denied the second bus company will begin operating in the city immediately.

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