Toddler hospitalized after being pricked with dirty needle on playground

(KIRO via CNN Newsource)

A Washington State toddler had to go to the hospital after being pricked by a dirty needle at a playground. Now, people in Everett are concerned about the safety at local parks.

"Looking for needles that our kids don't need to be playing with," Dana Smith said.

It's the last thing she thought she'd have to do at a playground.

The toddler Dana babysits was playing when he started screaming and pointing to a dirty needle. Dana was horrified. The needle appeared to be half used.

"When you're holding that needle, knowing that that just poked a child and how dirty this thing was.... It was just terrifying. I went to bed thinking about it and I woke up with my heart sinking," she said.

Its impossible to know how many dirty needles could be hiding in our parks. Just after the interview -- we spotted a man looking through the same spot where the needle was found. He admitted to our photographer he was looking for drug paraphernalia. So our photographer told him to leave.

Police are now investigating if that's the same man who left the needle behind.

"And to have him physically come and look at the spot which a little boy got poked with a needle yesterday, looking for his paraphernalia. I'm not going to come back to this park," she said.

After what happened to the toddler -- and our photographer -- she says its simply not safe.

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