Reports: A Pokemon 'Gym' is located inside the Pentagon, White House

(Courtesy Pokemon Go app )

Beware: Pokemon Go just got real in the nation's capital.

The recently released game for iOS and Android tasks players with capturing the fictional, Japanese battle critters by walking across real landscapes using a smartphone in augmented reality.

Translation: catch magical creatures by walking around and using your phone.

According to several Reddit users, there are currently Pokemon "gyms" set up inside both the Pentagon and the White House... two of the most secured buildings in the United States.

Players have taken to Twitter to discuss both their excitement and frustration as to where these gyms are located:

While the app is bringing back the childhood of many 20-something year olds, it is also causing major headaches to both law enforcement and firefighters.

A local sheriff's office in Virginia had to remind residents that hunting virtual characters was no excuse for trespassing, citing a rise in suspicious activity calls.

"Deputies have located numerous individuals on business, church, and government properties at all hours of the night, when these places are closed to the public," reports the Goochland County Sheriff's Office, via WSET.

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