Marijuana-infused soft drinks make debut in Colorado

There's a new drink hitting some markets across the United States that packs more of a punch than regular soft drinks -- It's infused with marijuana.

A report from CBS News reveals that a number of new products are being marketed as "medical marijuana" in California and Colorado.

Canna Catering in San Jose makes marijuana drinks named Leisurely Lemonade, Compassion Fruit Punch and Grape Galaxy.

Consumers told CBS News that they really don't taste the glycerin drops that are in there.

The San Jose Cannabis Buyer's Collective (SJCBC) said they sell the 12-ounce drinks for $10 dollars, which contain 2.5 grams of cannibis.

Soquel, California-based enterpeneur Clay Butler is launching a marijuana-infused soda pop drink in Colorado in Feburary with the possibility of future sales in California.

His line of drinks has about one-third the marijuana potency but the cook look and marketing style is generating controversy.

Critics are worried it could appeal to children but those defending it's meant for adult consumption and that parents have a responsibility to keep it secure.

Unlike Colorado, California law requires that medical marijuana products be sold without making a profit.

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