More evidence of 'witchcraft' discovered at Havana Cemetery

Brian Hartung took our Action 4 News cameras to where his father has been buried at the La Havana Cemetery just west of La Joya

While making the small trek to the site an overwhelming stench took over.

"Why would they want to target his grave?" asked Hartung. "A Vietnam Vet's grave."

Hartung pointed to a corpse of a chicken, wrapped in a plastic bag, and placed on his father's grave-already covered in maggots.

"It's supposed to be some kind of sacrilegious---I don't know what the significance of it is--but it's disheartening to find this on my father's grave," said Hartung.

Brian said he is way past angry-he just wants answers.

"What's the purpose," asked Hartung. "This was an honorable vet who served his country proudly-- To come and find this is devastating."

This is not the first time there have been claims of witchcraft at the cemetery.

It was just last week that Action 4 News reported about a local mother who found a shrine to Santa Muerte, a cow's tongue and other objects she considered "evil."

"We saw witchcraft objects," said 'Jane.' "We saw a jaw with candle wax, burned paper, and red chile peppers wrapped in plastic bags."

Who's responsible for them remains a mystery.

But there are some that point to Pagans.

Those who practice said there is a misunderstanding about their religion and what they do.

"There are so many religions out there that intertwine together," said Karl Sawyer. "There are some parts of Christianity that intertwines with Wicca."

Sawyer, who owns The Gallery in McAllen, said Wicca is an Earth-based religion and not about casting spells to harm others.

"The religion has to do with worshiping a god and goddess," Sawyer said.

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