New home for Reynosa's mysterious rooster statue

Rooster Statue / File Photo

A mysterious rooster statue reportedly left as a tribute for a slain drug trafficker now has a new home.

The statue first commanded attention when it was left in the middle of a busy intersection on the city TMs westside back in January.

The gilded rooster statue, known as "El Gallo de Vista Hermosa," was left with flowers and wreaths for slain Gulf Cartel leader Samuel Flores-Borrego.

Flores-Borrego, who went by the nickname Metro 3 and reported lived in the Colonia Vista Heromosa, was gunned down back in September.

It was never known who put the rooster statue and its nighttime lighting there but it was moved on Sunday evening.

Users on the social media network Twitter posted pictures of the spot where the statue used to be.

The statue now sits outside the Reynosa TMs Palenque, an rodeo arena and live music venue located about 650 feet from the original location.

It TMs not clear if the statue will stay at its new home permanently.

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