Strange sights reported over Rio Grande Valley skies

Numerous posts to the Action 4 Facebook page and emails to the Action 4 Listens Line have viewers asking what Action 4 News knows about peculiar appearances in the sky.

Action 4 News interviewed one man who caught the activity on camera. Romulo Villafranca said a red ring, with a bright ball inside, appeared when he snapped a cell phone picture of the sun.

Villafranca said he enjoys taking photos of nature.

He said he's never seen an image like this before.

When Villafranca looked at the sun, he claimed the red ball wasn't there.

He said it only appeared when he took the photo.

For several days, Villafranca said the same image appeared whenever he took a picture of the sun.

He said the red object could be an asteroid or it could be something scarier.

Action 4 News took Villafranca TMs photos to Action 4 News Chief Meteorologist Bryan Hale.

He had this explanation for what Villafranca captured.

"Part of the problem is so many lenses on so many cameras, especially camera phones and smart phones, they tend to get a little scratched up, a little pitted, said Chief Meteorologist Bryan Hale.

And when the light hits them that intensely, that can make for a little flare."

The Chief Meteorologist admitted he's no expert in extraterrestrial activity.

I am not an expert in UFOs, but I would like to be, said Hale.

For now, the mystery remains as to the source of the red ball.

Is it a cell phone glare or something completely out of this world?

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