Police: Students feed teacher pastry frosted with semen

FILE photo of pastry. (Photo: Christine Sevdas via MGN Online)

OMAHA, Neb. (KPTM) — Three high school students have been charged after they allegedly tainted some baked goods with their own semen.

The boys, all freshmen at Westside High School, went to the bathroom and masturbated into containers before they mixed the semen into frosting according to the Omaha Police Department.

They then coated the mixture on some turnovers, which their female teacher ate.

Upon tasting it, the teacher felt something was off with the taste. That was when another student told the teacher about the plot boys' plot he overheard.

Two of the three teens were charged with distrubing the peace and lewd conduct. The third student wasn't charged as investigators believe he didn't participate.

The names of the suspects are not being released as they are juveniles.

No state law constitutes their alleged crimes as a felony.

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