WATCH: Scuba diver saved during Hurricane Irma conditions

Suba diver saved during hurricane conditions. (Video by Davis Ramsey)

As the effects of Hurricane Irma strengthened in Palm Beach County, a scuba diver was reported trapped in rough waters Sunday afternoon, according to Riviera Beach Fire Rescue.

Amazingly enough, the rescue of that diver was filmed from a nearby condo.

Davis Ramsey captured two individuals lending aid to a man in a scuba suit from his view at Point Condominiums in Riviera Beach.

It appears they were hauling the individual in with the help of some rope.

The video shows the waves had a violent chop as the Irma prepared to make landfall in Florida.

The diver struggled to hold on to the rope, but was able to hold on.

RBFR send out a statement that the diver had been transported to a shelter in Riviera Beach and was in good condition.

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