UFO sightings in Weslaco skies?

It's like a scene from Twilight Zone with unidentified flying objects shooting from the sky.

Sound unbelievable? Not to Weslaco resident Jose Gonzalez.

He said he's seen mysterious flying saucers near his home in Northside Apartments.

"Three seconds, and it was boom like that," said Gonzalez. "A very huge object on top of that tree."

Gonzalez claims the object was out of this world.

"It's very sophisticated technology beyond what we can come up with so of course it has to be from some other planet," said Gonzalez. "I don't know, but it's not from here that's for sure."

Gonzalez claims he saw a big yellow mothership and other flying saucers that change colors, but it's not the first time he's seen these UFOs.

He said he's seen them outside his apartment three times since last year.

Weslaco is located just a few miles north of the Rio Grande in deep South Texas.

To many it may sound like a scene from a movie, but to Gonzalez, it's reality and something that could put Weslaco on the map.

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