Candidates Come Out Swinging

The seats of the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance were filled with people ready to meet the candidates for upcoming elections in person and introduce themselves as they debated issues affecting local government and hidalgo county community.I think we should legalize marijuana, said Jane Cross.

That was just one of several controversial stances taken by Democrat Cross at Monday TMs Campaign 2012 politcal forum. I TMve never seen anyone that was high speed into anything, said Jane Cross.

They usually just sit there on their couch and don TMt bother anyone. They are not very productive but they don TMt hurt anybody.

Cross, running for US House District 15, stood her ground in Edinburg, and her comments stirred one of the liveliest debates of the night.

I really think that the Dream Act has its merits, said Cross.

I don TMt think we should give a blanket citizenship to everyone but the kids that came here and have gone through our schools and want to go to our colleges, I really think the Dream Act is for them.

Cross wasn't the only candidate making bold statements, Republican Rebecca Cervera came out swinging during her opening remarks.

It TMs no secret that we are not as safe as we used to be, and that we are not as safe as the current administration wants to pretend we are, said Cervera.

My business is situated on the Pharr border and I see the insecurity that supposedly is not taking place every day.

Incumbent Ruben Hinojosa defended the Obama Administration and The Dream Act while staking his claim for re-election.

We have one and a half million people and that TMs increased the federal funding, the state funding that is coming to this area, said Congressman Hinojosa.

That TMs why our schools have grown so much, our colleges have grown so much. It is a sign that what we need is a comprehensive immigration reform that will get them documented so that they can add to the prosperity of our country.

In response, the other candidates for US District 15 made their case for new representation in Washington.

The Veteran TMs Affairs needs to have some accountability at top, which congress by the way is the overseer of that accountability said Dale Brueggemann.

Yet I believe congress has failed to do that.

If you are talking about Obamacare, I believe that is going to help bankrupt this country and cause more people to be unemployed, said Jim Kuiken.

I am big supporter of the Dream Act, said David Cantu.

It TMs an opportunity for these children that have been educated in our country and were brought here by no fault of their own.

Also taking the stage, the four candidates vying for State House District 40, the seat currently held by Republican Aaron Pea, who isn't running for re-election.

All four democrats agreed Texas needs more focus on education.

What I would do with the rainy day fund is definitely invest it in education, said Terry Canales.

To reinvest it back into the programs that were cut, education being the priority, said T.C. Betancourt.

We need to invest in our educational system since that is where our future lies, said Gus Hernandez.

As a member of the Edinburg School Board, I saw exactly where the education money cuts hit us in our district, said Robert Pea.

The mayor of Edinburg says that issue should be utmost in voters TM minds.

We have a responsibility at some point to lead and sometimes follow, said Richard H. Garcia.

We can lead by voting. That TMs our responsibility. We have to ask the right questions and after people are elected see that they TMve followed through with what they said.

To let your voice be heard make sure you head to the polls May 29th for Texas State Primary voting. Another political forum will be held at the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen with the goal of not only attracting Cameron County voters but surrounding communities as well.

That forum will be held Wednesday live on Action 4 News at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m Follow Astrid on twitter @astridkgbt

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