Request sent to start preparing bill that prohibits the use of firearms in school zone

The request to start preparing a bill that would prohibit the use of firearms within one mile of school has already been sent.

Because of the situation we know the gravity of it {the bill}--- we want to prevent this from happening in the future, District 30 Representative Sergio Munoz said.

That situation is the shooting of two Harwell Middle School students who were allegedly hit by stray bullets fired from a nearby ranch.

While both students survived the shooting they remain in the hospital.

One of the students, Nicholas, still cannot move his legs.

It TMs going to be an issue that they whole state can see, Munoz started. We want to make sure we have the protection for not only the Valley---but for all of Texas.

Munoz told Action 4 News the request is just a starting point.

From now until January of 2013 Munoz said they will be meeting with Valley officials, ranch owners, school districts, and parents so they can gather enough information for the bill and make sure all opinions are heard.

He added"with a bill this controversial there is a lot to be considered. What TMs a reasonable safe zone around a school?

Will there be exceptions? And how will this disrupt the operations of ranch owners"just to name a few.

This is something we can definitely work on and people will see the safety concerns, Munoz said.

They will also see that we will respect the right of people to use their land for any existing conditions they have already.

He added, as important as the bill is for the safety of children---he wants to make sure when it actually comes time to file the legislation the wording is just right and benefits everyone.

It TMs just a matter of getting everybody to sit down at the table, get some type of legislation drafted as a starting point, and then sitting down with them and saying---~ok how can we address the legislation and make sure everyone TMs concerns are taken into consideration? TM We also want to make sure we TMre working with any individual or groups that might be opposed to the legislation.

Munoz said it is not about taking away the rights of people but about protecting the innocent.

The legislative session does not start until January of 2013---Action 4 News will follow the progress of this bill.

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