Border security remains very tight in Eagle Pass


Border security remains very tight in Eagle Pass. Almost two thousand migrants from Central America are still being processed in Piedras Negras after arriving earlier in the week.

Some locals in Eagle Pass say they are glad to see the increase in Border Patrol officers. Others say this week has been like living in a war zone.

From the air and on the ground, a soccer field remains off limits to regular folks as local, state and federal law enforcement continue their increased presence -- bringing a lot of equipment including ATVs, horses and modern day surveillance tools like a drone.

"It’s been really really slow, not a lot of people downtown traffic," said Casa Jimmy manager Erica Sailors. "You don’t see a lot of traffic, a lot of people walking around downtown."

Store owners and employees neighboring the border said their sales are dramatically down. The majority of their customers and some of their employees live in Mexico.

This week, it has been too much of a hassle to cross.

“They have been closing the bridges like every 15-20 minutes to check and stop the cars in the middle of the bridges.” said Leslie from Eagle Pass.

“We’ve haven’t been having that a lot of people like we usually have because people don’t want to cross are they just don’t want to be around here.” said Casa Tommy employee Humberto Castañde.

As stores remain without customers, the streets of Eagle Pass are full of members of law enforcement. Many locals told they have greatly increased random searches of cars in the town.

Customs and Border Protection would not give me any updates today, and they would not comment if the 250 military members ordered here by the President have arrived yet.

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