First responders help evicted woman make a move in the right direction

First Responders is a moving company made up of Firefighters, Police Officers, and Military Personnel.

A woman who had fallen on hard times and is being evicted from her apartment received a much-needed helping hand Saturday.

They not only moved her belongings, they delivered her some hope.

It's moving day in San Antonio and Miguel Herrera and Steven Blackwell are ready for anything.

"Three stories, bring it on we can do it.” Blackwell said.

In their two and a half years working for First Responders Moving they say they've moved it all and met them all.

"Oh yeah we meet all kinds of people there's a bunch of different people in San Antonio.” Herrera said.

This is what they do when they aren't working with the Army reserve and Fire Department, their task this time, a little different.

"It's a no cost move, no charge to the customer.” Blackwell said.

To say Lydia Lopez has fallen on tough times is an understatement, first with a diagnosis.

"It's called polymyositis, it’s an immune system that attacks your own body, your own muscles.” Lopez said.

Then with finances, losing her job and being evicted from her apartment.

"I had to get my stuff moved out before I got locked out, if not I would lose everything.” Lopez said.

A move the single mother of three couldn't accomplish alone.

"I will try and they tell me stop moving stop moving because I keep falling.” Lopez said.

While her things are being moved to a storage unit for now.

"Life is too short, you have to keep moving.” Lopez said.

The heroic helpers are delivering something more.

"They gave me hope, they gave me what I need." Lopez said.

For now Lopez plans on staying either in her empty apartment or at Haven for Hope.

As far as her job goes, after delivering her things to a storage unit the moving company actually offered her a job.

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