Nail in taco ruins dining experience at Mama Margie's

Press-on nail found in taco at Mama Margie's.(Photo courtesy of Melissa Marmea)

SAN ANTONIO - As part of her Sunday morning routine, Melissa Mermea likes to eat tacos with her family, but she got something that definitely wasn't on the menu at Mama Margie's on Culebra this past weekend.

"I did not get my original taco so I ended up eating a barbacoa taco," she said. "Halfway, I look down and I see some hairs sticking out of my taco. As I open it up, I pull the hair, and wrapped around the hair was a press-on nail."

After she got over the initial shock, she says she had another stomach turning encounter with the manager, claiming he insisted the nail did not come from one of his staffers and made Mermea feel like she was to blame.

"The manager told me that that press-on nail did not come from his establishment. He was 100 percent sure," she said. "I was insulted. I was embarrassed. And I was upset."

Mermea posted a photo of the nail in the taco on Facebook, something she said she would not have done if the manager had been more respectful.

"I don’t want nothing. I did not request anything. I just wanted everyone to be aware of what happened to me and how disrespectful it was for the manager to blame me and point the finger that I would do something like this," she said.

Eventually, she says one of the managers did apologize to her.

In a statement to News 4, Mama Margie's partner Susan O'Brien said: "We take food safety very seriously at Mama Margie's and have strict policies against using fake nails and nail polish. We are continuing to investigate the matter."

But it's too little, too late for Mermea.

"I will not eat here again," she said. "I don't want no nails in my tacos. I want my food to be good."

We reviewed recent inspection scores for Mama Margie's and found the Culebra location averaged over 90 on it's four 2018 reports.

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