Travelers rethinking trip to Mexico amid recent violence

After recent murders near tourist hotspots, travelers rethinking plans to Mexico. (File image)

AUSTIN (KEYE) - After news of recent violence in Cancun, Mexico, some travelers are reconsidering their plans.

Earlier this month, the popular tourist destination was rocked by 14 murders in just a 36-hour span.

Erin Burford and a friend booked a July trip to Cancun in February, but cancelled those plans Friday, amid news of violence.

"I didn't want any part of that," Burford said. "Me and my best friend thought it was best to just stay, not go out of the country, or to Mexico."

Offcials say the murders were part of six separate incidents that left even more injured.

No tourists were part of the 14 murders, but they happened in close proximity to tourist hotspots, and are reported to be Cartel-related.

Nearly 4 million Americans traveled to Cancun last year.

The murders come after an Iowa family died in their condominium in Mexico after toxic gas leaked out of a hot water boiler.

The State Department has released a travel advisory to Mexico because of crime, issuing a do not travel advisory to five different states.

"That was a huge factor, and getting calls from family members and friends who knew we were going and wanted to look out for our safety. It was just the best decision," Burford said.

Cancun is not in one of those states under the do not travel advisory.

KEYE reached out to several travel agencies.

They say they are closely monitoring the situation, but so far are not advising against traveling to Cancun.

However, Burford says she still does not want to take any chances.

"You just never think it can happen to you, so we didn't want to go and be looking over our shoulder the entire time or wondering what's going to happen next," Burford said.

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