Woman struck by electric scooter calls for more regulation


What started out as a normal day at work turned into a trip to the hospital.

"Just leaving work for a brief moment," The woman said.

Just like any other day.

"I stepped right into the sidewalk."

Then this happened.

"It felt like a car accident, I felt like I was hit by a car," The woman said.

But it wasn't a car.

She said it was a man riding an electric scooter that struck her in Downtown San Antonio.

"You're really not prepared for that," The woman said. "What do you do ask for license and registration?"

It all happened so fast.

"I was just on the floor before I even knew what was happening," The woman said.

She said the man riding the scooter took off.

"I had tire marks on my shoes," She said.

The accident is keeping her out of work.

But overall she feels lucky she isn't worse off after this crash.

"We have a two year old," She said "I don't know if he would have survived that."

Now, she's focusing on bringing attention to the newfound phenomenon in San Antonio.

Something she once considered riding to work is now a form of transportation she doesn't want to see in the city.

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