Former President's quote helps motivate Greyhound

With a perfect 12-0 record, there's a lot that can be credited for helping to propel the Greyhounds to the Regional Semifinal Round.

The teams focuses on playing for the man to their left and right, rather than for themselves but a quote by Abraham Lincoln has helped to give the Greyhounds a better understanding when going into each and every week.

"The quote from Abraham Lincoln is, 'If given six hours to chop down a tree, I'd sharpen the axe for four of those hours.' So that that task at hands becomes much easier because you prepared yourself and you put in the time and you put in the work," said Greyhounds Head Coach Dan Gomez. "On our axe it says 'Victory loves preparation', and that comes from the U.S. Marines. We're all about work here and making sure that we do the things that's necessary in order for us to succeed."

San Benito (12-0) faces fellow unbeaten San Antonio O'Connor (12-0) in Corpus Christi at Buccaneer Stadium in the 6A Division 1 bracket with a 7:30pm kickoff Friday.

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