San Benito focused on bi-district round

As girls basketball teams get set for the bi-district round of the playoffs, the San Benito Lady Hounds and looking to stay focused after a regular reason that ended with them clinching a share of the District 32-6A title for the first time since 2011.

The team has battled through some tough competition and with the top seed in the district, they know the bulls eye is on their back.

They'll be leaning heavily on a number of experienced seniors looking to leave a lasting legacy in their final year but are taking the next step in full stride.

"Let's go get it and every time we do that, we don't worry about anything on the outside anymore. We just worry about what we can control," said Lady Hounds Head Coach Abel Moreno. "I tell them 'if you just keep fighting, you're the better team. Just keep fighting.' So the focus has been there, and the goal has been there, we've always looked beyond. The goal has always been lets go and make a move and change history at San Benito."

"I tell the girls 'Don't just shoot anything you see'. Make sure it's a good shot, or if you see that someone else has a better opportunity, give them the ball,'" said guard Miranda Vallejo. "That's all we have to do, play as a team. That's really what I tell them."

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