Toros Academy athletes sign soccer scholarships


(CBS 4 Sports) They may not be part of the University Interscholastic League, but when it comes to athletics and sport, it's just as important at IDEA Toros Academy.

As thousands of seniors signed letters of intent to continue playing at the college level, so did Academy seniors Aleythia Gutierrez and Brandon Morales. "I just feel really grateful," said Gutierrez.

"It's a dream come true," said Morales.

Gutierrez signed to play at Lamar University. Morales signed with the Air Force Academy, who finished 15th in the nation in the NCAA last season.

However, unlike other high school programs, the Toros Academy gave them a first hand experience with professional players, coaches and an opportunity to grow. "I got to practice with Coach Wilmer [Cabrera] And it was so nerve-wrecking because it was so unexpected. I just walked in to the practice field, he told me to get dressed and from there it was just soccer. At the beginning i was nervous but once practice, it's 11 people," said Morales.

The school launched in the Fall of 2016. Students start the day at the crack of dawn on the practice field, they then transition to the classroom, before going back to practice. "I've had some times where I've ... I've been wanting to quit but i've always managed to get myself up," said Gutierrez.

Both now hope others will follow in their footsteps. "Be persistent. Hard work and dedication. Always be true to your dream, follow your dreams," said Gutierrez.

"Focus academically first and work hard because talent can only take you so far," said Morales.

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