Valley boxer looks to come away with win at Golden Gloves Nationals

Esmeralda Navarro

Since winning the Texas State Golden Gloves, Esmeralda Navarro has been training for a bigger fight. "Its been all hardcore training and knowing we're gonna go to nationals, it's more ... Pushing more to the limit," she said.

After becoming the first valley female fighter to compete and win the Texas tournament, Navarro now has her eyes and gloves set for Golden Gloves Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska. "It's like OK, the pressure is on to show that girls are able to do the same thing as guys," she said.

For the first time in its 90 plus year history, female fighters will compete alongside men. Previously, the Women's National Golden Gloves had taken place at a separate time and location. "So far, everything has been the same and just pushing more and more rounds," said Navarro.

With a number of wins already under her belt, Navarro hopes a win at Nationals would mean more to women than just another check in the win column. "To show that they're able to be more successful and to keep going and to push themselves no matter what," she said.

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