WWE star Sin Cara visits children at Edinburg Hospital

WWE star Sin Cara

Sin Cara. The man with no face. A mystery to his opponents in the ring. On Friday, it was all about the smiles of the faces on the kids at the Edinburg Children's hospital. Spirits being lifted and for a moment, if ever so small, their innocence rejuvenated after seeing their favorite wrestler.

In the ring, Sin Cara is a man on a mission. Out of it, he's a man from humble beginnings living his dream. "To show the kids that no matter what situation you're going through, if you can put a smile on their face, it can change the demeanor of their day, it can change a lot of things in their lives," he said.

Despite the mask, Sin Cara uses his platform to give back.

Having worked his way up from an amateur wrestler getting paid pennies for matches, to one of the most polarizing figures in WWE, Sin Cara never forgets where he's from. "I grew up in the similar atmosphere, 'en la frontera' and obviously we go through a lot as a community," he said.

A father himself, Sin Cara spent part of his Friday at the Edinburg Children's Hospital with his youngest fans as they battle some of their toughest opponents.

For a moment, they could forget about what was ailing them.

As fans came face to mask with Sin Cara, they were all smiles from ear to ear. His emotions may have been hidden by the mask but for the wrestler, they were the same

"If you can come to them and put a smile on their face and show them that we care, you know, I think for me it's an awesome feeling," said Sin Cara.

Sin Cara knows nothing is guaranteed but he's aware his actions outside the ring among his fans and supporters, can leave a lasting legacy. "For me, being able to do things like this, coming to a hospital, it's very important 'cause I want to leave something for them," he said.

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