Former H-E-B executive found guilty for child pornography to serve 10 years in prison

John Campbell was found guilty in October on 48 counts of child pornography.

UPDATE at 5:10 p.m.: John Campbell will serve 10 years in prison.

The judge ruled Campbell would serve 10 years in prison for each six charges of promotion of child porn he was convicted for. He is facing eight years for the other 42 child porn charges.

The judge ruled he will serve these sentences concurrently.


Man found guilty for child-pornography remorseful, asks for probation

SAN ANTONIO - The defense called several witnesses Friday to the stand in the case against John Campbell.

Campbell was found guilty in October on 48 counts of child pornography. He told the court he is remorseful and he is now asking for probation for the crimes he committed.

“I have humiliated myself," Campbell said. "I have humiliated my family."

During trial, state’s attorney’s showed an email from Campbell to a co-worker at HEB with a graphic image attached to it. That is the email prosecutors say lead to his arrest and later the findings of a several items containing child pornography.

“I was ashamed and heart sick that I had gotten into that situation and brought my career to a close and caused that much upset and pain for the family,” Campbell said.

Campbell was shown those images again Friday. State’s attorney’s said a federal agent identified one of the children in the pictures as a 5 year old.

“Do you believe that person is a minor?” he was asked.

“Yes," Campbell said.

“And I am going to show you this, do you believe those individuals to be minors?”

Yes,” Campbell said.

Campbell told the court Friday he is a changed man. He said he continues to attend counseling and meetings to help with sexual addiction.

Defense attorneys said a risk assessment has been done on Campbell and he has a three percent chance to recidivate.

Campbell could be sentenced to up to 600 years in prison and will have to register as a sex offender. Campbell and his attorneys are asking for probation.

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