Snow for the Valley

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The Valley is now forecast to get a blast of winter weather.

Cold air continues to push south and provide a perfect environment for sleet and snow development. For the most part it will be a mix of rain, sleet and snow but the odds are very good most folks across the Valley will see snow and some might even see the ground covered.

Winter weather advisory is in effect from midnight to 9am Friday for the entire Valley. A winter storm warning is also in effect for Starr County for the same time while the entire Valley is also under a wind chill advisory until 8am which means it will feel like 25° to 30° on your skin.

I expect the rain to turn to a wintry mix after midnight tonight, probably closer to 3am. From 3am through 6am we stand a good chance for up to 1 inch of snow on the ground throughout the lower, mid, and upper Valley. Starr County might see up to 2inches of the white stuff by dawn.

Accumulations will mostly be on the grass or gravel and unheated structures like sheds, barns, etc. There is a slight chance for icing on bridges and overpasses valley-wide while some roads may become dotted with snow in Starr County.

Ironically air temperatures are expected to remain above freezing through the overnight and Friday morning so any accumulations will be very short lived.

This is a great chance for young and old to experience a rare event in the Rio Grande Valley so let’s hope for a nice dusting and white Friday morning.

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