Strong Cold Front Coming To The Valley

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A 35° degree drop in daytime high temperatures is heading this way as a major cold front slides south across Texas.

A cold front is the leading edge of colder air and this one is a doozy!

As the front plows through, tomorrow/Tuesday evening, it will kick up an area of rain and maybe a few thunderstorms but mostly rain. By the looks of things the front should pass through between 6p and 9p, as it does you will notice a dramatic shift in the winds to out of the north followed by a Brrrrrrr, feeling.

Many times when a front passes through that's it, that's the end, but not this time. Long after the front has passed gusty north winds, lots of clouds, and widely scattered showers will work to keep the Valley cold, wet, and breezy through Friday morning.

Daytime highs will be in the low 50's both Wednesday and Thursday while overnight lows will bottom out near 50° Wednesday they will get progressively cooler as the week goes by. Thursday's low will be 46° while we will wake up to 42° Friday morning.

Warmer weather will start to shift back this way Friday afternoon with partly cloudy skies leading to a great weekend of sunshine and highs in the low 70's.

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